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Experts Corner
VIP label market overview – Printing applications with variable informations and the market`s requirement
Variable information printing (VIP) is the generic term given to any printing technology that gives the capability to print unique human readable data, barcodes, or graphics on individual items – whether this be a label, tag, ticket, poster, or direct marking. This is a growing requirement in today’s world of mass
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Sleeve labels: a 360 degree picture
Sleeve labels, printed on film substrates, perform their central role of wrapping the complete perimeter of a product’s plastic, glass or metal packaging in one of two ways – by stretching, or by shrinking to conform precisely to the container’s geometry. Shrink sleeves are applied as a loose tube to
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To a stable process in day-to-day business with process management
In the daily routine business of label printing, unforeseen circumstances frequently disrupt  the planned process steps. Often deadline variations or short-term changes mess-up the order sequence or delay the process. A perfectly designed process should be able to adapt quickly to new demands and the prerequisites for such flexibility are
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Inline embellishment – in many ways amazing and amazingly simple
Higher prepress costs in addition to multi-step production processes often stand in the way of the application of finishing effects. Packaging designers in particular would like to use them more frequently to enhance the appeal of labels and packaging. New digital modules from Gallus are bringing momentum to this gridlocked
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Cost-effectiveness in label printing
The total cost of label production is determined by three key factors: quality, cost, and productivity. These must not be considered in isolation from each other, which nevertheless occurs due to the complexity in practice. While clear ideas exist regarding the achievable quality and costs of a label printing machine
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Manufacture low migration orders in a compliant and documentable manner
There are numerous factors that influence the migration behavior of printed label stock. A slight migration of substances from it can never be completely avoided. However, it must be ensured that the narrow tolerances of the migration values are not exceeded. And even if a label printer has complied with
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There is real change happening regarding sustainability in the label market today. Companies across the value chain, from material suppliers to label converters, now have access to a number of industry-specific programs offering collection, recycling, and re-use of spent paper and film release liner and label matrix, such as
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The 3.3% growth in the global pressure-sensitive label market that AWA Alexander Watson documented for 2019 will certainly be impacted in 2020 by the COVID-19 virus – but not necessarily negatively in every aspect. All the world’s regions have experienced market changes as they negotiate life in a
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“Low Migration” as a discipline
In order for packaging and labels to meet the requirement of "low migration" or, to put it more accurately, "migration-optimized", much more is required than just proof of compliant ink series and a printing press defined for these jobs by the printing company. For the printer, migration-optimized work is a
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Labels for beverages (wines, spirits and nonalcoholic drinks)
The total world market by volume of all bottled beverages, including waters, wines, beers and spirits is of the order of one thousand billion liters, or 140 liters for every man, woman or child in the world.
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Will prices go up? Yes, they will! Label and packaging printers under pressure Not only was it a mixed year in 2020, it will continue to be exciting. The label and packaging industry came out of 2020 with a black eye. Generally speaking, it was sometimes a good year for some,
HUB Labels is a leader in the label industry
Hub Labels talks about his experiences with digital label printing HUB Labels is one of the largest, most diversified manufacturers of  pressure-sensitive labels and linerless labels in the United States  which use the whole ecosystem of digital printing. “When I first bought a digital press 10 years ago, I was
Digital printing is the key to an agile supply chain for Philip Morris
Philip Morris International (PMI) has set itself a clear goal to create an agile supply chain with “Best in Class” responsiveness to the needs of its customers by setting an ambitious target to reduce the time to market from four months to 7 days. Digital printing will be a key
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