In the shadow of the pandemic, there may be an even greater threat lurking for the FMCG industry and thus also for the label and packaging industry
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How green is actually green?
Actually, the colour green is one of the most toxic colours of all. It is not for nothing that it is also called poisonous green. If we look at the product landscape of the beverage industry, we see this green in abundance. If we take a closer look, it doesn’t
Sustainability in the label industry – Five questions to Avery Dennison about being sustainable
Interview was conducted by Rosina Obermayer | Gallus Is there a way for label printers and converters to produce a self-adhesive label in a sustainable way? talks to Jenny Wassenaar, Compliance and Sustainability Director at Avery Dennison, about the supplier`s definition of sustainability and what print shops can do
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