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The rise of born-digital challengers and the opportunities for the label and packaging market
According to Euromonitor, the total value of the global beauty & personal care market in 2018 was already $488 billion with an annual growth rate of 6%. A growth rate of 6% is also expected for the coming years until 2023. The Beauty & Cosmetics sector is characterized by change.
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How green is actually green?
Actually, the colour green is one of the most toxic colours of all. It is not for nothing that it is also called poisonous green. If we look at the product landscape of the beverage industry, we see this green in abundance. If we take a closer look, it doesn’t
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The Anilox roller Anilox rollers are one of the most important elements of the flexo process. The full surface of the anilox roller is engraved with recessed cells and each cell holds a specified volume of ink thus ensuring that a consistent ink film is delivered to the printing plate.
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Label Academy – The flexographic printing process Part 1
This article is part of a new series about the basics of label printing, in cooperation with Label Academy. This article is part of a new series about the basics of label printing, in cooperation with Label Academy. The origins of the flexographic printing process derived from the use of
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Sustainability in the label industry – Five questions to Avery Dennison about being sustainable
Interview was conducted by Rosina Obermayer | Gallus Is there a way for label printers and converters to produce a self-adhesive label in a sustainable way? talks to Jenny Wassenaar, Compliance and Sustainability Director at Avery Dennison, about the supplier`s definition of sustainability and what print shops can do
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Linerless Labeling
Linerless Labels: Technology and its history, how to print and convert and apply linerless labels This article is part of a new series about the basics of label printing, in cooperation with Label Academy.   Linerless pressure-sensitive label technology is not new, it has been around for over 35 years.
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Digital printing is the key to an agile supply chain for Philip Morris
Philip Morris International (PMI) has set itself a clear goal to create an agile supply chain with “Best in Class” responsiveness to the needs of its customers by setting an ambitious target to reduce the time to market from four months to 7 days. Digital printing will be a key
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HUB Labels is a leader in the label industry
Hub Labels talks about his experiences with digital label printing HUB Labels is one of the largest, most diversified manufacturers of  pressure-sensitive labels and linerless labels in the United States  which use the whole ecosystem of digital printing. “When I first bought a digital press 10 years ago, I was
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Digital labels help Banknote Wine Company cash in on shelf appeal
Brand strategy sees visual impact payoff at the shelf Banknote Wine Company of Napa Valley, California, combines the intricate details of early, visually poetic banknotes with the complex profile of a good wine. As a hand-crafted wine producer, Banknote Wine produces a blend of Zinfandel, Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon. Distinctive
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