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Will prices go up? Yes, they will! Label and packaging printers under pressure Not only was it a mixed year in 2020, it will continue to be exciting. The label and packaging industry came out of 2020 with a black eye. Generally speaking, it was sometimes a good year for some,
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First virtual Gallus event was a great success
St. Gallen, March 2021 – The number of participants and the positive feedback speak for the new event format. With more than 1500 registrations the Gallus High Performance Day 2021 on the 3rd and 4th of March 2021 was a huge success. Using this new digital event format, Gallus demonstrated the
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4,082,331,330 kg/year – Worth talking about it once. Our lives and our environment, our products would be just black and white without it.
4,082,331,330 kg/year, or 4.1 million tons. That is already a considerable amount. That is the number of printing inks consumed or used worldwide every year. A world without ink would effectively be a world without color. Our lives and our environment, our products would be just black and white without
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The Resurrection of Paper in Labelling and Packaging
Paper as a label and packaging material is experiencing something of a resurgence. Sometimes fueled by the ever-growing concern and overfilling of the oceans with plastic and thus about plastic consumption and waste, the packaging material is increasingly conquering terrain in all categories. Paper packaging is also well suited for
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New virtual event: Gallus High Performance Day 2021 takes place in March
St. Gallen, January 2021 – For the very first time Gallus will host a virtual event – the Gallus High Performance Day. Using this new digital event format, Gallus will show its portfolio of digital and conventional label printing systems. The participants can choose between Wednesday, March 3rd at 4:30 pm
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Covid-19 will accelerate changes in the packaging market
Is it really the case that COVID-19 and the pandemic are changing the packaging market? Or is it not the case that the situation puts consumers in a position where they change or have to change their behavior. In other words, adapt to the circumstances. And isn't the future of
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SPECIAL FEATURE: First local fiscal policy in alignment with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
A special feature of LABEL-EXPERTS about UCL Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose (IIPP) The sustainability debate is gaining momentum. Especially at a time when the economy is groaning under the weight of the COVID 19 issue. The pandemic is just this indicator, which shows the limits of the boundless
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What French fries, potato chips and potatoes and probably the most sustainable adhesive in the industry have in common
We never stop our efforts to live up to our name as a pioneer in environmentally friendly adhesives! We started to think IN CIRCULATION, to move from linear (which is based on biodegradable and/or environmentally friendly products) value creation to circular value creation. Unfortunately, we have not yet reached the
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IML –  SPECIAL REPORT – from a different point of view
Market developments and potentials for the IML market One must always take a particularly close look at market developments and, above all, at supply chain dynamics. The IML label printer is located in the middle of the IML label supply chain. In other words, the printer is dependent on the
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The new dynamic behind wet-glue labels
The new dynamic behind wet-glue labels It is correct that there has been a shift from wet-glue labels to self-adhesive labels in the last 10-15 years and self-adhesive labels still have the nose ahead in some areas. However, some parameters have changed in the last two years and wet-glue labels are
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